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Happy Mountain Productions


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Spiritual Rock Friend - Ethically sourced from the Happy Mountain Productions desk.  Blessed with the energy of the living, cleansed in an autumn rain, and soaked in natural light under a Libra Moon.  It is choosing to move out on its own, as it is no longer a pebble, and we see no reason to hold it back.

This is a Limited Edition fonz.ROCK, 1 of 1, with no guarantee that it will choose to stay with you or be your friend.  Love is best with an open hand, and that is why we are letting Gary go.  The rock's name is Gary by the way.  You could choose to rename it, yet.......  how would you feel if you moved into a new apartment, and your roommate started calling you Joey, when your name is really James?  You probably wouldn't like it, now would you?  Something to consider with any friend, whether animal, human, ghost, AI, or inanimate object.  They all have feelings, and we need to show them respect as friends, not pets.

Comes with a handwritten card of authenticity.