Happy, also known as 'fONZ.', is an artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumental producer, and author, who enjoys mountaineering in the Treaty 7 Territory of the Rockies.

Originally a 'Song on the Spot with fonzdot' section of a YouTube channel, fonzdot has turned into something more with the death of The Happy Alfano Show. He is still staying true to autowriting and catching a vibe in the wind with his upcoming drops.

As a huge advocate for volunteering, mental health, and food support, Happy experienced a different world after raising $10,560 for CMHA, and has had to adjust. Growing up Happy took music, dance, and acting lessons, appearing in commercials, as an extra on TV, and even performed in Disney Land.... ya.

Hike On to Breathe Trees were recorded while Happy was homeless and nomad, with all save the latter being simply reference tracks done on Happy's phone. The former being true to classic fonzdot, with it being recorded off the top, in consecutive takes, and no mixing.

During this time Happy began writing books under the pen name KN LN, with the 1st work, I LOVE my Brother ENKI, finding trending success as a free online 'blog'.  Soon after it was published with CANADA ISBN in paperback format, available first on Beltane 2019.  The follow up work, The Crossed Keys, has reached #1 Bestseller in the free section of Kindle several times since its release on Beltane 2020.  Word is there are two more books in the works, yet publication of them has been delayed.

fonzdot released his debut album P.A.I.N on January 14th 2022, an experimental poetry art project over 3 years in the making. He plays ~6 instruments on it, produced or co-produced much of it, and he needs to thank everyone who helped make it possible, and Ski UpHill/Run UpHill in Canmore for hosting CDs to raise money for Search & Rescue Alberta..

The second project from fonzdot in 2022 dropped on March 31st, titled "Evil by Design".  It is a 4 track EP that features self produced, composed, and collaborative music.

The first single off the, "Be Happy EP" with Eryn Nicole Music was released on April 14th, with the project wrapping up on september 17th 2022.  Featuring collaborations with Save the West and John LeLonde, the 10 track album is a genre-defying fusion of acoustic and electric riffs, hip-hop beats, and soulful vocals that tell stories of spiritual growth and overcoming life's challenges.

In early 2023, fonzdot released his highly anticipated 'Evil Island' EP, co-produced with RC Tha Hazard, featuring multi-syllabic lyrics and stirring instrumentals that tell a powerful story of spiritual growth. The EP includes tracks like 'Something is Coming' and 'Banshee' that showcase Fonzdot's talent for pushing boundaries and crafting emotionally charged music.  This occurred as fonz. was injured at work and ending up homeless in a brain injury clinic.

In the face of adversity, fonz. not only preserved his studio but released the highly anticipated 22-track LP, "Blood Clot," accumulating over 44 thousand streams. Adding to this musical triumph, he delivered several EPs, contributing over 33 tracks of new music. While rebuilding, he ventured to Costa Rica, reigniting his YouTube Vlog and reclaiming his passion for playing local shows in Kimberly and Kelowna.

In a testament to his tenacity, fonz. recorded his first cover song during the show in Kelowna, marking a significant milestone in his comeback. Despite the loss of the ability to rock climb, he returned to solo climb the formidable 11,000er, Mount Athabasca once again. Additionally, fonz. released a music video shot on location on Mount Athabasca, featuring one of two classical pieces composed in honor of the late 'classical music' wording and chair removal at SOCAN, inspired by the fleeting glaciers.

Continuing his musical journey, "fonz." collaborates with the late Rcthahazard on two of seven tracks for his MYSTERY SCHOOL EP, delving into solvable spiritual mysteries, creating an immersive sonic experience.

Happy currently resides near Waskahigan Watchi, just outside of Banff National Park, has a few projects in the works, and is ever grateful for every breath.


Happy Alfano on Mount Alberta NE Ridge