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Spiritual Artist of the Year Nominee - fonzdot

"fonzdot," a distinguished Canadian musical artist, producer, alpinist, and author, achieved acclaim through a nomination for Spiritual Artist of the Year at the esteemed 2022 Western Canadian Music Awards. Dedicated to promoting positive mental health through outdoor exercise, "fonz." seamlessly blends acoustic and electric riffs, hip-hop beats, classical compositions, and soulful vocals, creating genre-defying music that shares tales of spiritual growth and triumph over life's obstacles.

Notably, "fonz." demonstrates a profound commitment to mental health causes, raising over $10,500 through a hiking fundraiser accompanying the release of his debut EP. Despite overcoming a brain and neck injury, leading to a delay in the MYSTERY SCHOOL EP release alongside the Evil Island EP, "fonz." has become a fixture in the Western Canadian and global music scene, captivating audiences with local performances in BC. In November 2023, he unveiled his fourth full-length album, "Blood Clot," featuring 22 tracks that highlight his resilience, musical prowess, and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Continuing his musical journey, "fonz." collaborates with the late Rcthahazard on two of seven tracks for his MYSTERY SCHOOL EP, delving into solvable spiritual mysteries, creating an immersive sonic experience.

"fonzdot" remains a force in the industry, leaving an indelible mark through transformative music and philanthropic endeavors.

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chamber clock (w/ Rcthahazard)
LYRIC VIDEO Produced at Happy Mountain Productions


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