Spiritual Artist of the Year Nominee - fonzdot
"fonzdot” is a talented Canadian musical artist, producer, and author with a passion for promoting positive mental health through outdoor exercise. Nominated for Spiritual Artist of the Year at the 2022 Western Canadian Music Awards, “fonzdot” has made a name for himself with his genre-defying fusion of acoustic and electric riffs, hip-hop beats, and soulful vocals that tell stories of spiritual growth and overcoming life's challenges. With a debut album and several EPs under his belt, “fonzdot” has raised thousands of dollars for mental health charities and collaborated with top industry producers and artists to create unforgettable soundscapes that captivate and inspire."
"In early 2023, “fonzdot” released his highly anticipated 'Evil Island' EP, who’s main track was co-produced with RC Tha Haz, featuring multi-syllabic lyrics and stirring instrumentals that tell a powerful story of spiritual growth. The EP includes tracks like 'Something is Coming' and 'Banshee' that showcase “fonzdot”'s talent for pushing boundaries and crafting emotionally charged music. With several successful collaborations and a growing fan base, the fONZ. is poised to make a big impact on the Canadian music scene in the years to come."




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DOGMA (Ft Switch) - Video Self Produced at Happy Mountain Productions


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