Spiritual Artist of the Year Nominee - fonzdot
'fonzdot' is a Western Canadian Music Awards 2022 - Spiritual Artist of the Year Nominee, an artist, multi-instrumental producer, and author (KN LN) who enjoys mountaineering in the Treaty 7 Territory of the Rockies.

As a huge advocate for volunteering, and promoting positive mental health through outdoor exercise, fonzdot used his debut -off the top- release Hike On to promote a hiking fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association which raised $10,560.  A short break from music to mediate, climb mountains, and release 2 books (and a few singles), took place before proceeding further.
P.A.I.N, fonzdot's 1st full length album was released on January 14th, 2022, in a genre that resembles Hip-hop the closest after a career of mostly indie folk rock/rap.  Filled with self-composed and co-produced tracks with Hunnybeatz, it features lyrics from Switch and Beemer, plus riveting soundscapes filled with acoustic, electric, and ukulele riffs recorded live at Happy Mountain Productions in the Canadian Rockies.  An ever present theme in the album is of going through spiritually tough times while getting breaks with elevator music interludes.  These heavy ups and downs set the tone for the future fonzdot drops of the year. RunUphill in Canmore is currently hosting P.A.I.N CDs, where proceeds go to Search & Rescue Alberta.  fonzdot also appeared on Mountain FM in Canmore for a second time to promote his projects.
The self and co-produced EP, 'Evil by Design' released on April 1st 2022, with the 1st single, Wake Up, keeping true to the 'song on the spot' style fonzdot is known for. Ominous trap and boom-bap style beats, with electric guitar leads overtop, push a story of traversing a Dark Community to reach a New Scene.  This project was self mastered, with consulting from John Lelonde.

As 2022 progresses, we have seen fonzdot help facilitate an international EP with 18 artists in 7 countries with Drone Lofi, called 'CONNECTED 22', where he had a hand in every track, as well as having bars featured on a hook, and a verse.

The 'Be Happy' EP began releasing in the Spring, and is set too roll out over the summer.  It is being coproduced and co-written with Eryn Nicole Music, and is changing the tone with the self titled single - a song about being happy with your inner child and God using their existing song names in the lyrics.  With beautifully composed piano and light acoustic guitar, it will be leading into more singing and heavily produced tracks, to contrast the narration style, and tell a story once again.

As the Western Canadian Music Awards approaches, we are excited to hear the Fall and Winter upcoming EP drops, as they are both produced by top Canadian producers fonzdot has been excited to work with.




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DOGMA (Ft Switch) - Video Self Produced at Happy Mountain Productions


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