Love, and Spotify Canvas'

Love, and Spotify Canvas'


It has been a ton of fun playing with the content from mountaineering and alpine climbing this year.  Having the ability and access to Spotify as an artist has been a blessing in expression.

Creating a unique video short for newly released songs on Spotify, called a Canvas, is a great way to continue the message and convey the feeling of a track to the listener.

Honestly, it really makes it feel like a track is complete, for me anyways.  Using mathematics, and music theory, to find some sort of synchronization to the short video, provides a satisfaction unparalleled in other content we produce.

Helping other artists with their Spotify Canvas', or at least pointing them in some direction that worked for me, are opportunities that I am grateful for.

COFFEE, the latest single from fonzdot, drops this Friday November 5th, 2021, and we hope that you enjoy the track as much as the Canvas that was created with it.

Presave COFFEE today.

 COFFEE Single cover art

Much love.