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KN LN - The Crossed Keys - ebook

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Digital Download* of 'The Crossed Keys' by KN LN

Purchase with "The Conscious. Tee", use promo code 'FREELOVE' upon checkout, and receive this book for free.

"The Kybalion meets the Necronomicon in this novel hermetic text written to trigger contemplation and make one question their own internal dialogue.  

The author of 'I LOVE my Brother ENKI' has produced another book to leave one's mind questioning.

°Blessings to God, as this book has reached #1 more than once while listed in free on the Amazon - yet, fuck Jeff Bezos.

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Reviews of KN LN

"Dark and at times humorous, this blend of fiction and non-fiction combines the divine and the Earth-bound via mysterious turns and a real-feel appealing edge of other realms." - Aaron B (Goodreads)    

"The voice of creation expressing its regrets." - anonymous    

"It really had me in my head a lot... ...stuff that I don't ponder on enough." - Connor W

"Reading this book is a psychedelic experience - Brad T

(Pack includes EPUB, MOBI, AZK, PDF versions, as well as original cover art by @catutter)
*approximate size of download is 35MB