P.A.I.N - The debut fonzdot LP - OUT NOW

P.A.I.N - The debut fonzdot LP - OUT NOW

Learning, growing, and this should not be a blog post.

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Physical CDs are on the way, and the pre-order for those can be found HERE!
Make sure that you use promo code "PAINISLOVE" upon checkout, and the digital version of the album will become free for you as well.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream a reality.


01 - fonzdot - Intro to Loops (Prod fonzdot)

02 - fonzdot - Just Flow (Prod Chueco61, fonzdot)

03 - fonzdot - family (Prod Hunnybeatz, fonzdot) - Teus master

04 - fonzdot - PAIN (Ft John Do€) (Prod John Do€, fonzdot)

05 - fonzdot - DOGMA (Ft Switch) (Prod Hunnybeatz) - Teus Master

06 - fonzdot - UNKOWN (Ft John Do€) (Prod John Do€, fonzdot)

07 - fonzdot - Wake Up And Drink Water (Prod fonzdot)

08 - fonzdot - COFFEE (Prod Hunnybeatz, fonzdot)

09 - fonzdot - Square One (Ft Switch, INDIGOMERKABA) (Prod Hunnybeatz) - Happy's Master

10 - fonzdot - Set your soul free (Prod Hunnybeat, fonzdot)

11 - fonzdot - FWM (Ft Beemer) (Prod Hunnybeatz) - Happy's Master


Recorded between 2018 while homeless in BC, and 2021 back at a career in Canmore.

Special thanks to the frozen S9 on Huber's glacial ice who gave its life for stems, the USB AT2020 that was used as the mic - minus the S9 ukulele stems, the borrowed ukulele, Yamaha for making a quality acoustic guitar for $200 that I was able to sample for this, my LaunchKey61 that keeps me sane while making quiet music that was used on Track 7, and the burning for life that drove me back from the dead, just to show you anything is possible.


Happy Alfano, fonzdot, and the mountain, collage

℗2022 Happy Mountain Productions



John Doe




Teus Darosa

Art by 'Travis Omen' of Truability.ca

Consulting by 'Fiktion'

hysical CDs by 'Nato Down' of Up In Arms Studios