COFFEE drops November 5th!

COFFEE drops November 5th!

We are very excited to be announcing the drop of COFFEE.

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If you were part of the #HappyTribe back in the days of The Happy Alfano Show, then you will be familiar with the fONZ. ukulele jams.

COFFEE is not the only ukulele track to be included on the upcoming album, and in fact Happy plays at least 6 instruments on the album!

COFFEE was co-produced with Hunnybeatz, and is a complete 180 degree turn from the last track done with him (family).  From dark vocals, spoken with emotion emphasizing pain and struggle, to something that could almost resemble the singing of earlier fONZ. tracks. Almost kin to what was paired with ukulele on the Hike On - A Freestyle EP.

In any case we are so very grateful that this track was able to come together.
John Do€ was sound engineer behind the mix and master, and we are so Happy to be working with someone with such an ear for the sound underground. 

Happy Hallows