COFFEE, ukulele, and some backing from Hunnybeatz.


Mix and master by John Do€.

It has been years since fonzdot dropped some ukulele,
and we are Happy to share COFFEE with you.

Much Love.


(They ended up being off the top, and the actual bars were never used):

There's something that I want to do with you,

Have you ever had a coffee?

Have you ever had a coffee with me?

Under a tree?

In the woods behind my house?

We can bring a bong it's not that far from my pleather couch.

Have you ever had a coffee in the moonlight when you can see,

Almost as clear as daylight,

Because you are right here with me?

Your light's so bright,

I can hardly see your eyes.

Have you ever worn a different disguise?

It's so bring in the moonlight,

When you're sitting here with me,

And all I want to do is have a coffee.

Have you ever woken up,

In the morning?

And all you could do is think that we're one?

And it's like it was a brand new day,

Of birth,

A brand new awakening?

So you went to go get your roommate a coffee,

Even though you were fucking broke,

And all the people on the streets,

Who you used to think were dirty,

Are you.

Just like they're me.

So I brought them a fucking coffee,

And just be,

And drink coffee,

And then go smoke some weed...

Just drink coffee.


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