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Honoring Survivors Tee

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The 'Honoring Survivors Tee' Tee by fonzdot is now the
MUST WEAR t-shirt in your wardrobe!
Due to Orange not being easily available in kkkanada, we are using a new supplier!

American Apparel Men's Shirt
Iconic AA classic tee shirt in our fine jersey, a super soft everyday fabric. A wardrobe staple.  Happy Tribe members across the plane of the earth thank them for providing orange.

We are also selling these AT or as close to COST* as we can without accidentally losing money again by selling under.  

We hope you have clean drinking water.

Educate Yourself:

 Now think for yourself!

*Our Cost on the largest size is exactly the same at the moment, and we have found that the US dollar fluctuating changes our cost in Canada, so we may still lose here like last time.  So please buy a book to help support our operating costs!  We did predict a virus and a DNA manipulating drug, brought on by a controlling elite set to kill humans, in our 1st one, published May 2019.