The Crossed Keys by KN LN is FREE!!!

The Crossed Keys by KN LN is FREE!!!

We are feeling in the giving mood since the DOGMA (ft Switch) lyric video dropped, so we decided to run a surprise promo.

The Crossed Keys is stuck on Kindle Unlimited until January 2022, and we feel really bad that we have not released a paper version of the book yet - that was supposed to roll this year and CANADA ISBN has been hounding us for their copy.....   so expect that SOON HERE!

In the meantime, just snag THE CROSSED KEYS by KN LN for FREE until the 29th of November by clicking HERE.

USA folk - This is your link
(It just needs to be .com, or .de, or wherever you reside.)

Just make sure you are buying it, and not subscribing to Kindle Unlimited. 

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The Crossed Keys by KN LN Cover